What is a GraceDay®

The Good Grace Brand believes that everyday is filled with Grace. However, we understand the challenge in our inability to recognize it operating in our lives, with all the stressors of life pulling on us. 

"Self Care" days or as we like to call it, a GraceDay®, are all about intentionality to taking a pause, and taking care of ourselves, to recognize the goodness, favor and richness that is given to us freely, everyday! The Good Grace Brand team is committed to providing thoughtful products and services to serve our consumers in this notion. 

Self Care has been scientifically proven to contribute in overall health improvement beyond the "smell good lotions",  fragrance candles and spa days. Bringing our bodies and minds, to a state of clarity and wellness through rest and stress-reducing activities, aids in natural rejuvenation and replenishment. 

Overall, when we take a pause to receive grace, its a little bit easier to freely give it - Treat yourself well and see how you'll be able to treat others well too!

So, when is the last time you had yourself a GraceDay®?