A private & exclusive 3-night self care retreat to escape to grace!

when & where:

Join the Good Grace Brand from Thursday, August 29th- Sunday, September 1st 2024 in one of the nations top resort cities in Scottsdale, Arizona! Our selected resort is less than 20 minutes from Phoenix International Airport. 

resort accommodations & privacy

Guests will be staying in a newly renovated AAA 4-Diamond resort privately nestled away from the tourist attraction of downtime Scottsdale. The specific location of the resort will not be disclosed publicly for the safety and privacy of guests. All guests will be notified of resort accommodations once registered. Guests will be required to provide emergency contact information to Good Grace Brand staff in the event of an emergency during the retreat.


  • time away from your normalcy
  • change of environment
  • safe seclusion & healthy isolation
  • plenty of rest
  • clearer mind for decision making
  • experience new self care activities
  • improve mood
  • improve productivity & performance
  • boost creativity
  • reduction of stress and anxiety, leading to improved health
  • 3-night, 2-day accommodation

    You don't have to worry about where you will stay, we will already have your room prepared for you upon your arrival at the selected AAA 4-Diamond resort. The specific location of the resort will not be disclosed for the safety and privacy of guests. We want to stay true to our claim of private and exclusive so we will not state the location publicly but Email us at helpme@thegoodgrace.co to find out where you will be staying! Emergency contact information to Good Grace Brand staff in the event of an emergency.

  • 3 catered meals served daily

    Guests will be provided a catered breakfast, lunch and dinner for their stay including a Welcome Dinner the night of their arrival! Enjoy a variety of gourmet meals as we can accomodate any dietary needs upon advance notice and request. Bring your appetite and let us worry about the cooking.

  • guided therapeutic services

    We provide you with guided therapeutic services scheduled and intentionally planned throughout your day. We believe self care to be an experiene and lifestyle. Our services will help you experience serenity, physical alignment, mindfulness, mental refreshing and emotional rejuvination.

  • downtime for your leisure

    Every part of this retreat isn't scheduled, we leave plenty of free time for you to do whatever you please! Take some hours in the day to explore Scottsdale, enjoy the resort amentities, reflect alone or just sleep! The choice is yours to spend your free time as you please.

  • full access to resort amenities

    Our partner resort have provided our guests will full access to resort amenities. Take advantage of sight seeing, shopping in Scottsdale, or stay on the resort and relax. The choice is yours.

  • GraceDay Gifts

    We will be providing all our guests with GraceDay goodies to enjoy their stay with us! You will be fully equipped to experience self care treatment like never before!

Is this retreat for you?

You're a passionate individual that puts their heart into their work. You value family, friends and community and will stop at nothing to make sure they're provided for. You're a giver, someone who will self-sacrifice to make sure another has what they need and more. However, this deep caring and empathetic approach to life has led you to depletion, feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, often used and unappreciated. As much of a go-getter as you are, you developed the terrible habit of self neglect.

You crave an ESCAPE. You envision a life or a space where you can be FREE of your responsibilities and the burdens of others. Deep down, you know you deserve a space for authentic solitude and uninterrupted rest, so YOU can be catered to, for once.

If you wanted to take a vacation, you could easily take one. But even after taking a vacation you return to your normal life routine with no change, attention or restoration to your tired soul. Sometimes, you just want to get away and spend some needed time alone.

This time, be intentional in your self care and plan your escape to grace before your mental, emotional and physical health suffers more.

(This retreat is for those 18 or older)

Have a question? See our FAQ page for most common questions answered.

2022 GraceDay Retreat (online)

Registrants gathered from Florida, Maryland, Illinois and Pennsylvania to meet online to experience our retreat. This 1-day summit, was full of insight and life-changing information to advocate for a lifestyle of self care.

"I appreciate you all sharing your knowledge, experience and expertise! This was a great retreat!"

-Maserit H.

"Thank you this was amazing!"

-Angela M.

"I look forward to an in-person GraceDay!"

-Sam B.

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receive grace, to give it

Every year, the Good Grace Brand will donate $1 of each GraceDay Supplement sold and/or a portion of proceeds, to a small (less than 300 employees) minority founded 501(c)(3) to promote equity in philanthropy. Minority founded non profit organizations offer necessary leadership representation, free resources and programming to underrepresented communities and families. Your purchase contributes to impact! As you are getting the help you need, you'll also be helping others.

Meet our 2022 Donation Recipients!

The Good Grace Brand had the privilege of being the Official Sponsors of the 2022 Jacquelon Gaskin Memorial, Survivor of the Year Award! The Our 3 Memorial Foundation 501c3 seeks to advocate and provide support and resources to victims of domestic violence. With every $1 of your purchase of GraceDay supplements, WE were able to provide an all expense paid night at one of Mississipi's finest and newest 4-star hotel/resort for the award recipient! Thank you for showing the recipient that everyone gets grace AND every day is a good day for grace!

Visit Our 3 Inc.

GraceDay: /gras/da/

1. a divinely given period or day of rest and relaxation to restore the soul

2. an unearned, day of rest, free of guilt

3. the ability to rest for a period of time without fear of punishment