Are You In Need of a Retreat?

You're a passionate individual that puts their heart into their work. You value family, friends and community and will stop at nothing to make sure they're provided for. You're a giver, someone who will self-sacrifice to make sure another has what they need and more. However, this deep caring and empathetic approach to life has led you to depletion, feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, often used and unappreciated. As much of a go-getter as you are, you developed the terrible habit of self neglect.

You crave an ESCAPE. You envision a life or a space where you can be FREE of your responsibilities and the burdens of others. Deep down, you know you deserve a space for authentic solitude and uninterrupted rest, so YOU can be catered to, for once.

If you wanted to take a vacation, you could easily take one. But even after taking a vacation you return to your normal life routine with no change, attention or restoration to your tired soul. Sometimes, you just want to get away and spend some needed time alone.

This time, be intentional in your self care and plan your escape to grace before your mental, emotional and physical health suffers more.

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2022 GraceDay Retreat (online)

Registrants gathered from Florida, Maryland, Illinois and Pennsylvania to meet online to experience our retreat. This 1-day summit, was full of insight and life-changing information to advocate for a lifestyle of self care.

"I appreciate you all sharing your knowledge, experience and expertise! This was a great retreat!"

-Maserit H.

"Thank you this was amazing!"

-Angela M.

"I look forward to an in-person GraceDay!"

-Sam B.

See how we've been serving our customers through the years

receive grace, to give it

We believe in serving in grace not just toward our customers but also to small (less than 300 employees) minority founded 501(c)(3) to promote equity in philanthropy. Minority founded not-for-profit organizations offer necessary leadership representation, free resources and programming to underrepresented communities and families yet receive less funding than non-minority owned/led not-for-profit organizations. Over the years we have tried our best to donate a portion of our revenue to these small, minority 501(c)3 organizations.

Here are the organization we have donated to over the years:

  • Our 3 Inc. - 2022 Survivor of the Year Award Sponsor. We were able to provide an all-expense paid night at one of Mississippi's finest and newest 4-star resort for the Domestic Violence award recipient.

GraceDay: /gras/da/

1. a divinely given period or day of rest and relaxation to restore the soul

2. an unearned, day of rest, free of guilt

3. the ability to rest for a period of time without fear of punishment