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Victory Vitamin C Gummies

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 Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly!

Our Victory Vitamin C Gummies supports a daily healthy immune system and provides ascorbic acid which helps repair body tissue for growth and cell development!

Get the VICTORY in healing and healthy maintenance with Victory Vitamin C Gummies!

Victory Vitamin C Gummies are Best Used For: 

  1. Maintaining a healthy immune system
  2. Promoting strong bones
  3. Supports healthy blood vessels
  4. Promoting collagen synthesis for glowing healthy skin
  5. Daily antioxidant intake


Suggested Use: 2 Gummy per day.

GraceDay™ supplements are gluten-free, non GMO and some are VEGAN/VEGETARIAN friendly. We encourage our supporters to carefully read the instructions of our label upon consumption for best results! Please note this is a dietary supplement and is not a prescription drug designed to cure and/or treat any illness or disease. If you have any questions or concerns on whether you should consume this dietary supplement, please consult your primary physician. None of the statements listed above are FDA approved. 


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  • Toya D.

    The bottle is as big as my hand! I'm so excited!

  • Erika D.

    I just bought another jar! I love these and they really do taste good too. Yummy gummies!

  • Dominique D.

    Couldn't eat just 1!

  • Miyah N.

    I only take 1 and feel calm during the day, I love them!

  • Sakkara S.

    I promise you they are better than Goli!

  • Ebony H.

    Running low on my Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, got to re-up!